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Our Initiative includes:

Coalition Leadership

In-School Curriculum

Student Groups

Community Activities

Beverage Server Training

Media Campaign

Integrating Positive Community Norms


We work under the core assumption that the positive exists and is worth growing. We have proof it exists right here in Grand Rapids and we plan to grow it. The work we do work revolves around norms. To find out the norms in our community we administered a survey. The Positive Community Norms Student Survey was given in February, 2017. 1205 students were surveyed in grades 7-12. 4.9% of surveys were “cleaned” or removed from the data pool to remove the possibility of students lying.  To learn about the data collect from the survey click here. 

The Positive Community Norms approach measures disparity between actual and perceived norms…or misperceptions. HELPS US HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS “NORMAL”.